I’m a person who is;
educated & according to my children’s idea i’m best mama on the world who is & according to my mother’s idea rompy & idealistic & puckish & Shavian… And I’m a human who had seen the irony of fate & fell in love & then deceived a lot of times in a lot of ways.

And I’m a human who is looking delicate but can have as strong as a horse and have as memory holder as an elephant.

And I’m a human who does not hide from the servants of what God knows.
And charming & sometimes I can be pure-minded in a stupidity degree… Sea, history and art lover… And I’m a human that being nervous at the dangerous level in the face of injustices… If I had a special power, I would erase from the world people who harm children. I’m interested in history, biographies, a little bit of politics, sports, music, dance, humor. Simple & lovely things take my attention.