Sometimes Do You Need A New You For Yourself ?


Yes, sometimes I need a new me for myself.

This year wasn’t good, I should say that. The destiny didn’t choose me but I should ignore that. Maybe I should start everything over suddenly. I should stone what I have adored before.

A new love, A new business.
A new reason; all of those are needed for me to smile again.
A new news, A new destiny,
I need the luck to get all of those.

A new stance, A new touch on me,
I should discover them one by one
A new life, the rest is stale
I need a new me for myself

The days haven’t passed nicely, but I must not care about them. I have pulled a long face. But now I should swagger a little bit. I have kept everything in me. But now I should tell them to those someone.

And I have to put all my troubles in a boiler. Then I should boil all of them.