Man shouldn’t be different from a pot.
It is not the form that makes the pot.

Space in the pot, makes it that is a pot.

In that case; mankind’s ego is not make a human a human.

His nothingness consciousness is make man that is make a human.

Hz. Mevlana Celaddin-i Rumi

While everyone in the world is trying to be something,you should be a ” NOTHING “. Namely, you have to got nothingness consciousness. this life”

Between from the point that we start to live to the point that reach at the end of the life, we have to get nothingness consciousness. You should say to yourself; “I’m nothing in this world”

Six years ago Felix BAUMGARTNER, did free fall to the world who surpass speed-of-the sound. BAUMGARTNER told that his experience;

“When you are at the top of the world, don’t has got a shadow of your former arrogance. You never think your world records or neither scientific data you will have.

All I wanted was to be able to return to the world. Sometimes you have to get too high to figure out how small you are. “